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MSF USA Club San Diego Annual Report 2021

MSF USA Calendar 2021

Events by Modern Sword Fighting of San Diego for 2021:

Presentation/live MSF demonstration for Home School group

Date: 5/23/2021

Name of Event: Home School Sports Day at the Park # of attendees: 3 boys

Age 7-8 years

Date: 9/11/2021

Name of Event: Fundraising Event for Local Firefighters

Our club hosted a booth, presented a live demonstration of MSF, and held a free raffle for MSF t-shirts

Over 150 attendees

Date: 9/25/2021

Name of Event: All Abilities Fair by San Diego Family Magazine

Our club hosted a booth, presented a live demonstration, offered photo opportunity for disabled youth to try on MSF gear, free raffle for T-shirt and $50 gift certificate to spend on MSF gear

Over 500 attendees, including local TV KUSI media coverage

Date:. 9/19/2021

Name of Event: Knight for A Day birthday party

MSF maneuvers /Live demonstration

Party tournament: Last Man Standing

# of attendees: 10 kids - (6-7 years)

Date: 9/26/2021

Name of Event: Knight for A Day birthday party

MSF maneuvers/Live demonstration #of attendees: 14 kids (All girls!), age 7-10 years

BladeFit Academy Washington State.

Club was able to stay open in 2021, holding class each Wednesday of the week and select Saturday games during good weather months.

24 April 2021 MSF Rules Tournament

8 competitors from age 13 -16 Held at Lewisville Regional Park.


Sword and Shield

Saber Buckler

Easter Sword and Shield.

11 Sept 2021 Combined MSF Rules/ HEMA Tournament in honor of Fallen Heroes

8 Youth Competitors. 6 Adult Competitors Held at Lewisville Regional Park

Youth Nominations:

Sword and Shield. Saber and Buckler

Adult Nominations:

Scottish Single Stick.

Спасибо Nathan MC Bride и Maureen Miller!!!


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