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Federation of Modern Sword Fighting of Russia (FMSF of Russia)

Interregional Sports Sword Federation (ISSF)

  • January 3-9 -  Winter session of "Excalibur-Camp " with MSF and historic theme "The Battle of Kulikovo" (Moscow region)

  • January 6 – MSF Tournament at the festival  "Heroes of our time" (Tyumen)

  • January 20-22 - Seminar in teaching MSF and patriotic education of youth at the Open Regional Workshop by organizers of children's activities. Open MSF Championship of Tyumen (Tyumen region, center "Childish Republic")

  • January 31 – Open MSF Championship of the Republic of Bashkortostan as a part of  qualifying tournament for the Russian MSF Championship 2016

  • January 30-31 - Cup of Volga Federal District. The MSF Tournament as a part of qualifying tournament VFD  "Qualifying for Battle of Nations", individual championship and Team battles 5-by-5 (the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan)

  • Open MSF Championship of the Kurgan region (Shadrinsk)

  • Open MSF Cup of Aramil (Sverdlovsk region)

  • Tournament under the aegis of Academy of High-qualified athletes training (Sports Sword Federation is in charge)

  • February 13-14 – OPEN QUALIFYING for Russian National Team at European MSF Championship (Moscow, sports club "Paladin-Medieval")

  • MSF Championship at the festival "SibCon" (Novosibirsk)

  • February 20-21 – MSF Championship of UFD (individual championship and team battles 5-by-5) and Qualifying Seminar for trainers and judges of UFD’s regional departments (Yekaterinburg)

  • February 27 - First Open MSF Championship of Krasnoyarsk (Krasnoyarsk)

MARCH 2016:

  • 9th Sports Sword Team Cup (Vologda)

  • MSF Championship of Northwestern Federal District (Saint-Petersburg)

  • March 28 - April 2 – Spring Session of "Excalibur-Camp " with MSF  ( Moscow region)

APRIL 2016:
  • 5th Open Cup «I love fitness» (Moscow)

  • April 9-10 - Open MSF Championship of Siberia (Novosibirsk - Akademgorodok)

  • April 23-24 – RUSSIAN MSF CHAMPIONSHIP, individual championship and team battles 5-by-5

MAY 2016:
  • May 9 - "The Flag of Victory" Sports Sword Championship of Saint-Petersburg (Saint-Petersburg)

  • MSF Championship of VFD (Volgograd)

  • 6th GRAND MSF MANEUVERS at Spring Friendship Maneuvers (Moscow)

  • Open Cup of Kuzbass (Novokuznetsk)

JUNE 2016:
  • Sports Sword Championship of North-West of Russia (Vologda)

AUGUST 2016:
  • August 12-14 – MSF Tournament at the international festival "Great Bulgar 2016" (the Republic of Tatarstan, Bulgar)


  • INTERNATIONAL MSF RALLY! The program includes various master classes in MSF and related disciplines, qualifying seminars for trainers and referees, Tournament for Cup of the Rally, daily trainings and an educational tour at the end of the Rally.

!!! This Schedule can be changed and added!!!

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