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The definition and mission

                IFMSF is an international sports public organization, whose primary purpose is to promote and develop Modern Sword Fighting as a kind of sport in the international field.


               The mission of the International Federation of MSF is to promote Modern Sword Fighting and other kinds of medieval martial art with the sword and other weapons in a safe, accessible and interactive form among children, teenagers and youth, in the CIS countries, Europe and other countries of the world. The federation is above all aimed at providing education to the young generation in the spirit of love and interest to study the history and traditions of their countries and lead healthy lifestyle, be courageous and noble.

MSF-motion coverage

Modern Sword Fighting is currently developing in 55 regions of Russia and 18 countries in Europe and the whole world: Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Poland, Israel, USA, Canada, Germany, Latvia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, France, UK, Austria, Ciprus, Spain, Mexico! And few countries are interested in MSF: Australia, China, Japan, Greece, Peru.

Technique in MSF

Modern Sword Fighting is a kind of martial art, where athletes practice "slashing" technique with medieval bladed weapons, but use secure sports equipment: "sports sword", "sport shield", made with special technology from soft plastics.
MSF promotes the development of physical and intellectual abilities, improves physical activity and encourages healthy lifestyle of people. It is a unique kind of sport for everyone regardless of age, sex, physical condition, social status. Rules of MSF are equal to all people.

Special protective and sports equipment

MSF has unique sports equipment: sports shield, sports buckler, sports sword and sports two-handed sword, which have no analogues in other kinds of sport. There is a special grading in the sports equipment according to the weight and sizes, which depend on the age of the athletes.

Sport disciplines in MSF

  • shield and sword,
  • buckler and sword,
  • one-handed sword,
  • two-handed sword,
  • «triathlon msf» (3 types of weapons)
  • Experimental categories:
  • sportive shashka, shashka + buckler
  • team battles 5-by-5,
  • mixed fights with the elements of hand-to-hand fighting (only 18+),
  • two swords.

The tradition of sword fighting

               Since ancient times, people fought with swords.
The fighting culture started its rapid development in the Middle Ages. At that time early manuscripts and the books about the art of sword fighting written by Talhoffer, Mayer, Liechtenauer and others appeared.
               MSF continues to preserve and develop the historical tradition of the sword fighting, giving it a new sports emphasis.

Statistics of work of FMSF of Russia for 6 years

2011 (the 2nd half): 4 tournaments, 1 seminar is held. Over 200 people take part in these events in total.17 regional departments join FMSF of Russia.

2012: 6 tournaments, 4 seminars - about 300 people. 10 regional department join FMSF of Russia. Total number of regional departments is 27.

2013:12 tournaments, 3 seminars - in total more than 600 people. 12 regional departments join FMSF of Russia. Total number of regional departments is 34.

2014: 23 tournament, 7 seminars - in total about 1,100 people. Total number of regional departments is 45.

2015 : 32 tournament, 11 seminars - in total about 2000 people. Total number of regional departments is 52.   

2016: 27 tournament, 11 seminars! Total number of regional departments is 62!

2017: 31 tournaments, 13 seminars in different regions of Russia were held – over 4,000 people. 71 regional offices in total.

¨In total,  for 6 years of FMSF work 144 tournaments of different levels were held in different regions of Russia and CIS countries; 45 seminars, which were attended by over 450 instructors.

In total, more than 10000 people took part in all these events.

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