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⭐ MSF on the land of Georgia

The international life of the MSF Federation continues!

MSF in Georgia continues to develop! ⭐

Congratulations to the fighters and their parents on the first year of training in our exciting section!

Exactly a year ago, March 5, the first training was held in Batumi, and since then each of the fighters has gone through their own personal path in learning and improving their skills.

153 training sessions have been conducted this year! ⭐

Club fighters visited three different countries, participated in 8 open trainings,

2 Russian FMSF tournaments,

1st International tournament,

We were on 1st maneuver and 1st campaign.

Perseverance and efforts brought the fighters well-deserved awards:

3 🥈 and 3 🥉 for the tournament in Yerevan,

1 🥈 for a race in Batumi,

1🥈at the Moscow Cup and 2🥉medals at the Russian MSF Championship 2024! ⭐

All athletes demonstrated not only their skills and abilities, but also their team spirit, cooperation and willpower.

The coach is very proud of each student, because together with the fighters they made history - they brought MSF to the land of Georgia🇬🇪

“We continue to train hard, develop and strive for new heights! You can choose a path, you can choose a goal, or you can combine business with pleasure! I congratulate you on this wonderful day and wish you the mood to go to training and the strength to leave it. May the next years of training bring you a lot of joy, satisfaction and victories!”

Coach 😊


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