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Great news ⭐

Seminar #107 for MSF instructors and judges in Bishkek has been successfully completed.

+10 new/old instructors and judges are now in Kyrgyzstan.

The international life of the MSF Federation IFMSF continues 😊

4 days of intense work flew by in one breath. Thank you to all the guys for your sparkling eyes, full involvement and absorption of all the large volume of material 😊 It was very pleasant and sincere to work with you, friends 😊

A separate feature is guards humor 😊

Thank you very much Bogdan Sbitnev, Ruslan Akhmetgareev, Yulia Khizhnyakova

Many thanks to Daria Ritz for your hospitality 😊

And it was nice to have a heartfelt conversation and see Dmitry Usoltsev (thanks for your concern)


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