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June 18-20, 2021 in Lisbon, PORTUGAL will be held OPEN WORLD CUP for MSF !!!!

Within the WORLD ALL-STYLES GAMES under the auspices of TAFISA !!! Supported by CAMPO FEDERATION of Portugal and Association "GLADIATORS". The key INTERNATIONAL MSF tournament in the new 2020-21 season! We invite SMB lovers from ALL OVER THE WORLD to participate! Within the framework of the event, there will be competitions 1 * 1 Shield and sword for juniors, 1 * 1 Eastern saber and shield for teenagers and adults, Checker and buckler for teenagers and adults, Team fights 3 * 3 Checker-buckler! And also there will be MSF SEMINARS for instructors and judges in MSF from Maria Davydova and Alexander Razumov! Find us on the posters 😊 Hint: bottom left corner 😊 You can already start preparing and picking up cheap tickets to the capital of Portugal :-)) IT'S TIME FOR


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