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Our cooperation with the Sqay Federation from India and Pakistan continues

Now there is an Online tournament for show numbers. Who wants to take part ?! Diplomas and awards - to all participants !! "You need to send a video up to 3 minutes of technique with a short stick or sword (With music or WITHOUT music - different nominations) or with a buckler and a sword, or with a sword and shield, or with two swords. All participants will be awarded with participation certificates and the winners will be awarded with medals and diplomas. You need to submit your video from August 25 to August 26, 2020 Together with the member's name (date of birth, club, city, country, contact Watsup) for certificates.

You need to send materials to SQAY MARTIAL ARTS QUIZ FOR ALL Organized By: Sqay Federation of India E-certificate for all those are get 50% marks Only 100 participants per day Thanks Regards Grand master mir naz ahmed Founder Secretary International Council of Sqay Registration link SQAY MARTIAL ARTS THE INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION!

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