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"Israel-Challenge 2019"

1.02 in Israel is very fun, bright and provocatively, in three languages ​​and with humor, the 3rd International Tournament of Modern Mecheal Combat "Israel-Challenge 2019", which is held for the third year in a row by the "Medieval Fighting Club" by Mikhail Morgulis and the Federation of the Small and Medium-Sized (IFMSF) represented by Maria Davydova. This year 44 fighters from 8 countries took part in the tournament - the USA, South Africa, Latvia, Cyprus, France, Belarus, Russia, Israel! Children from 7 years old, adolescents 15-17 years old and adults in 4 weight categories identified the winners in the battles in the Triathlon system. In the Team Medal Score the results are as follows: 1st place - Rotem Israel 2 place - "KonGo" Russia 3rd place - "Medieval Fighting Club" Israel 4th place - "MSF Cyprus Team" Cyprus

As always, this tournament is distinguished by the unique atmosphere of friendship, sports competition and international communication. I think that new acquaintances from this wonderful event will enrich the small and medium business movement in the coming year and many more years. The peculiarity of the tournament was the subtitle "SMB ALL AGE IS SUBJECTIVE", as there were amazing situations: the tournament was attended by fighter Christa Martin from South Africa 45 years old, who won silver among Women 18+! Two girls, 12 years old, Margarita and Zoya Moiseeva participated in the adult female category and performed so worthily, Margarita won bronze among 18+ women, where the gold went to Ira Rogozovskaya!

But even this is not all unusual events: Michael Cossacks from Israel took part in the tournament for 56 years and fought so worthily that he made a competition to his rivals. Two Russian guys of 17 years old, in addition to winning victories in their age category, entered the adult male category of Middle Weight and entered the 4 finalists along with such experienced and strong fighters as Mikhail Morgulis and Julian Rizov. As a result, Georgy Shaihov (Ural National Team) won silver, and Mikhail Lvov (Escalibur) became 4th, losing one point to Julian in the seventh round of the double-handler.

So we can safely say that the younger generation of SMB fighters in the coming years can press the titled champions from their places and, at a minimum, make them worthy of competition! Many thanks to the whole team of organizers - Mikhail Ira Special thanks to the entire international team of judges: IsraelSergey Ilya Valentin Desmon, Mikhail Epelman, Yevgeny Gasin and other selfless fans of imitation fencing, who spent the whole day judging fights from dawn to dusk :-)) And for lovers of the video of the battle of Julian and Misha! IT'S TIME SMB! Join the SMB Movement!

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