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Latvian Open International Cup

On January 12, 2019 in Riga, the Open International Latvia Cup in PMS was bright, rich and large-scale, in which about 60 fighters from 18 clubs of Israel, Estonia, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Russia and many (9!) Clubs of Latvia took part! This was a landmark event, which, in my opinion, showed a strong tendency to unite and cooperate throughout the Baltic region, and, most importantly, the great potential of fighters to vigorous competition with the strongest craftsmen at the international level. Many heads of clubs, having seen how many clubs gathered for the tournament, and everything that happened at the competitions, expressed a great desire to take part in the World SMB Championship on March 8-10 in Minsk and train their fighters there.

For the first time, on the ground of Latvia, League C competitions were held in SMEs, which amazed many spectators with their fortitude. And also, for the first time, the experimental Group fights Checker-buckler 3 by 3 were held, which caused a storm of emotions and enthusiasm among participants and spectators. 5 teams from Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and Russia showed a variety of different tactical schemes and individual skill. Congratulations on the 1st place to the team of Ukraine, from the 2nd to the team of Russia, to the 3rd to the team of Latvia in "Shashka-buckler 3 * 3"

Separately, I would like to thank the organizers - Nikolaj and Alyona, who invested a lot of effort, time and resources in holding the Cup. You are super! Many thanks to the international team of judges, who plowed 10 hours in a row and carried out the most fair refereeing. Thanks MikhailBorislav Dasha Sergey Sergey Hartman Valentin Aleksey Alla for your work !!! The results of the Team Medal standings will be announced soon. IT'S TIME SMB! Join the SMB Movement!

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