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10th jubilee SMB maneuvers in Moscow

May 27, 2018 in Moscow at the stadium of the Khoroshevskaya Gymnasium THE 10th SME MANEUVERS HAVE VERY HARD AND FUNNY! More than 130 fighters from 3 to 45+ years from Pyatigorsk, Tver, Zhukov, Zhukovsky, Krasnogorsk, Obninsk, Tuchkovo, Odintsovo and various clubs of Moscow took part in the battles! In parallel, at 3 sites 2.5 hours were massive battles with the capture of flags, the wall on the wall, with a bomb, with reserves, on a bridge, with a revival, and so on. All participants liked the organization and the atmosphere of maneuvers.

Many thanks to the School of SMB "Escalibur" for preparing maneuvers and providing equipment, as well as to all judges from other clubs and assistants for help in conducting! Today has shown that SMB, in fact, unites and inspires people of any age, and also gives joy of live communication and fair sports rivalry. It was cool! Join the SMB Movement! PS: if you LIKED, and you want MORE, then come to our summer camp "ESCALIBUR-CAMP" - there will be a lot of training and battles in SMB!

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