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MSF Championship of Russia

A new record of the Federation of MSF of Russia! 4.02 in the MSF Championship of Russia took part more than 240 athletes from 44 clubs from 25 cities of Russia !!! This number of fighters was not yet at any tournament in imitation fencing! Fighters from 3 to 50+ years fought in 44 nominations of the personal Championship for the right to enter the Russian National Team for MSF 2018! Particularly pleased that the awards were won by athletes from all corners of the country, and not just fighters of the Central Federal District and Moscow. Sportsmen from Novosibirsk and Syktyvkar, Kyshtym and Yekaterinburg, Novokuznetsk and Krasnoyarsk, Ukhta and Vladikavkaz, Kazan and Obnintsk, Volgograd and Simferopol

took away their awards. The representative in a real sense Russian National Team for MSF 2018 has been formed. Brief results of the Team Medal Rating: Team standings 1 place "Escalibur" Moscow (45 points (33 without taking into account League C)) 2 place "Tannenberg + Sword" Kondopoga, Kem, Petrozavodsk (20 points) 3 place "SMB 179" Moscow (19 points)

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