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On December 2, 2017, the first day of the competition for Team Battles 5 * 5 on SMB was successfully held at the Olympic Center of the Znamensky Brothers in the framework of the World Cup on the ISF "DYNAMO CUP 2017". While on the neighboring lists on the ISF the real knights in the iron armor fought, who jabbed each other with steel falshions and halberds, for the first time very young athletes from 5 to 7 years came to the team competitions, for many of which it was the first in life tournament, and fought on soft-clad swords and shields with Flag Capture.😊

Further fighting took place among children and adolescents up to 17 years of age inclusive in 6 age categories. In total, more than 50 fights (5 rounds) were held and winners among 136 athletes from 25 teams from 11 clubs from 8 cities of Russia 😊 It was the Qualifying tournament for "Team Battles 5 to 5 on SMB with the capture of flags" in the Russian national team for the 4th Open European Championships in SMB 2018 (March 9-11 - Minsk, Belarus). And we will be happy to publish the names of the 2018 National Team after the tournament is over!

It is also pleasant to note that many adult experienced knights and warriors from clubs from different countries of the world approached and were interested in SMB. In particular, colleagues from ISB from China have long been eyeing us and want to join the SMB Movement!

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