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On March 11-12, 2017 a unique event will be held at the Minsk State Palace of Children and Youth, which is awaited with impatience by all lovers of children's knight sport - 3rd OPEN MODERN SWORD FIGHTING CHAMPIONSHIP OF EUROPE and HMB-soft with the participation of athletes from 14 countries - USA, France, Austria, Poland, Israel, Turkey, Cyprus, Moldova, Latvia, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus! The tournament is being organized by the Federation of the MSF of Russia and the International Association of the HMB, together with the Minsk Palace of Children and Youth for the third time.

This year the list of nominations has significantly expanded - for the title of Champions young knights from the age of 3, children, adolescents, adult men and women, "veterans" 45+, and people with disabilities (CP) will fight, which confirms the wide availability and attractiveness Modern Sword Fight and NLM-software, as a unique sporting event on soft, safe swords, with soft, safe shields in light and safe protective gear, like knights of the 21st century.

In a Programme:

On March 11 (Saturday) there will be competitions in the categories "Shield and Sword", "NMV-Soft" and "Triathlon" (Shield and Sword, Buckler and Sword, Two-Handed Sword) in individual competition, and

On March 12 (Sunday) you will see Team Battles 5 vs 5 with the capture of the flag MSF for children in five age categories from 7 to 17 years, which will not leave anyone indifferent, thanks to the high entertainment and the heat of passion! Based on the results of the two days of the competition, the medal ranking will be counted and the strongest National Team will be awarded, earning the most points in all tournament nominations.

We invite all fans of sport of knights to admire promising young fighters and experienced "veterans" at the 3 rd Open European Championship on SMB and NLM-software 11-12 March 2017 (Minsk, Starovilensky tract, 41 from 10.00)

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