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November 21, 2016, held an important event in the history of the Federation of SMB in Russia. Maria Davydova (President IF MSF, teacher, psychologist, trainer with 17 years of experience) successfully held an open lecture at Moscow City Pedagogical University of Physical education and Sport on "Methods of application of modern mochevogo battle in adaptive physical education for people with cerebral palsy". The lecture was attended by over 40 students Pipkia and teachers from different departments. The work was highly appreciated and aroused great interest. The purpose of this lecture was to tell students about this exciting kind of martial arts as MSF, and attract volunteers to work with a group of children with cerebral palsy using the methods of the PSC. In the practical part was demonstrated by the successes of two boys with cerebral palsy, Alevtina Makhmudova and Andrey Timofeev, who are already engaged in the first year of MSF. Thank you Ivan Sablin for its role as a "moving mannequin". This event was decided on the opening section of SMB when Percise for the preparation of groups of volunteers with the Department of Adaptive FC for further practical and research work with a group of cerebral palsy. We invite all concerned to join us in this important work. Many thanks to the organizer of this event - the Seraphim M. Chechelnitsky

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