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On March 12-13, 2016 State Palace of Children and Youth in Minsk (Belarus) hosted the second international tournament in Modern sword fighting - EUROPEAN MSF CHAMPIONSHIP 2016. The competition was organized by the Federation of Modern sword fighting of Russia and State Palace of Children and Youth in Minsk and supported by the International Association of HMB,Interregional Noncommercial Organization "Doblest' Vekov", Club " Lucerne"(Belarus), as well as several sponsor companies and individual patrons.

The event was attended by over 140 athletes from 8 countries of Europe and the CIS: Moldova, Latvia, Israel, Cyprus, Ukraine, Poland, Belarus, Russia. The competitions were carried by a strong international team of referees and coaches. Of course the fighters were warmly supported by their parents and spectators. On the first day of the Championship there was an individual competition in 15 age categories, which brought medals and cups to the strongest athletes. At the end of the day all the winners were awarded with diplomas, medals, cups and prizes: shields, bucklers, swords and mugs with the symbols of the Championship. On the second day the athletes participated in team battles 5 vs 5 in five age categories: 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15 and 16-17 years.

It should be mentioned that the athletes cooperated not only in the teams consisting of the members of their own club or the country, but also interacted with the participants from other countries. So a couple of internatinal team were created, where the athlets had to communicate in English to come up with a strategy for their action. It was a real challenge!

The girls from Poland, Belarus and Russia showed outstanding courage and bravery and were not afraid to participate in teams consisting of only boys and to confront the teams of boys.

After fighting all the members of the teams that won prizes were awarded with diplomas, medals, prizes and a cup for the whole team. At the end of the second day of the competition at the closing ceremony, the results of team medal standings were announced. Bronze winner was Ukraine, which this year brought many outstanding athletes. Silver was awarded to the national team of Poland, which this year doubled in its roster (comparing with 2015) and showed its dignity to the full extent. The winner of the Championship 2016 was the national team of Russia, which brought to the competition a large number of participants of all ages, both in the individual competition and in team battles.

We heartily congratulate all the winners and medalists! A great job is done and it is treated according to its merits! We thank all the organizers, sponsors, participants and spectators for making this Championship such an unforgettable one, demonstrating the rapid development of our MSF-movement and a deep interest in this kind of sport worldwide. Hooray!

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