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MSF Tournament in France

Today, June 10, 2018 in France in the town of Champeks (Shampe) successfully completed the international tournament on SMB. The Shield and Sword nominations were held in all age categories, the SMB SABL Finals among adults and the Team Battles 5x5 for SMB for children in 5 ages. Also, for the first time at the international level, approbation of Team battles 5x5 "Jager", which aroused great interest and delight among the participants and leaders of different SMB clubs. We will try this game in the camp Escalibur CAMP and at the autumn maneuvers in Moscow. From unusual events: today there was a heavy shower and a huge hail of 1.5 cm in diameter, which was about 20 minutes! The river in Champex rose more than a meter!

But even such weather conditions did not stop the fighters and did not mar the event 😊 I want to note that the level of the French fighters has grown significantly and many started showing good technique and high speed. The soldiers from Israel are getting stronger - and this is very very happy! At the awarding ceremony, the Mayor of Champex was present today, who was very impressed by the enthusiasm of all the participants and organizers, as well as the atmosphere of international friendship in the competitions.

He expressed a desire to provide further administrative support. About the results: Sevastyan Vasiliev (MARV, Volgograd) won 2 gold - in Sablé and in the Shield, Artem Yusipov gold in his category of 6-7 years, and also performed worthily in the nomination of 8-9 years, and I (Maria Davydova) took two gold in the Two-Handed Man and in Saber among the peasants😊. According to the results of the Team Test of 9 clubs: MARV (Volgograd, Russia) - 5 place, Escalibur (Moscow, Russia) - 4 place, Rotem (Carmiel, Israel) - 3 place, Paris Club (France) - 2 place, and Marcidal ( Champex, France) - 1 place !!! Congratulations to the winners and all participants with excellent combat experience.

Special thanks to @ GuillaumeDonMontegue for his colossal organizational feat! We thank instructors and parents for promoting the development of athletes, and Judges for their work. We wish the French Federation SMB prosperity and large-scale development! Join the SMB Movement!

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