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World Championship in the NLM Soft

11/25/2017 in Prague at the World Championship in the NLM Soft fighters School of SMB "Escalibur" were successful. Sophia Moroz - gold in the nomination of 14-15 years old girl! 😊 Danil Moroz and Pyotr Favorov entered the four strongest fighters of the nomination of 14-15 years of youth and fought for bronze. Danil Frost has won 3 place! Mikhail Lvov came to the most difficult subgroup in the nomination of 16-17 years of the youth, in which Ilya Malyugin (Peresvet, St. Petersburg) also became a champion in this nomination, showed worthy fights, but did not leave the group.

Also we are very happy for Vasiliev Sevastyan (MARV, Volgograd), who became the world champion in the NLM software in the nomination of 12-13 years !!! In general, all the guys from all Russian clubs - Peresvet, Prince Prince, Sword, Tannenberg, Wolf, Noldor - performed very cool and won many medals !!! WE CONGRATULATE ALL OUR FIGHTERS with a successful performance and wish them even more victories in sport and in life! #HMB #HMBsoft #MSF # SMB

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