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MSF-Movement is a social movement of lovers of simulation fencing, which has been rapidly developing in Russia and in the world since 2011.
The MSF Movement includes not only the direct organizational sports activities of the MSF Federations in different cities and countries, but also the entire range of various physical education, cultural, patriotic, educational and pedagogical activities using “protected” medieval weapons and methods of simulated fencing in a modern interpretation, as well as not only active members of legal organizations, but also all interested and enthusiastic people of any gender, age and social status, united by a common interest in non-Olympic types of fencing, the study of history and related activities.


LEGAL BASIS for MSF activities:

1. Since June 2014, the All-Russian Physical Culture and Sports Public Organization "Federation of Modern Sword Fighting of Russia" was registered by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation based on the successful creation of 45 regional branches throughout Russia.

2. In 2016, the International Representative Office of the FMSF was officially registered in Minsk, which continues to operate to this day.

3. In 2017, based on regular active international activities in holding international MSF tournaments and European MSF Championships since 2015, the International Federation of Modern Sword Fighting (IFMSF) was officially registered, the mission of which is to popularize Modern Sword Fighting in a wide international space.

4. In 2016-17, the official registration of Trademarks (TM) protecting the copyright for the phrase “Sword Fight”, as well as for the verbal and graphic marks of FMSFR and IFMSF, was successfully carried out.

5. During 2017, two Methodologies for training instructors and fighters in MSF (Basic level) in Russian and English, on the basis of which the mass training of specialists in MSF within the framework of FSMBR and IFMSF in different cities and countries of the world.

6. In 2015-16, the Author's Agency "New Social and Pedagogical Technologies" patented two developments in MSF - "Team MSF battles 5 on 5 with capture the flag" confirming the primacy in the implementation of this competitive discipline.

7. Since 2016, the FMSFR and IFMSF have introduced League C for people with PDA and cerebral palsy, developed on the basis of the State Pedagogical Institute of Physical Education and Sports (Moscow) and scientific research in this area has begun. A section has been created on the basis of the GROSSKO Rehabilitation Center in Moscow. At the moment, 3 coursework and 2 diploma projects on MSF have been written and defended. In the process of writing Makhmudova Alevtina's master's thesis "Adaptation and development of coordination of people with cerebral palsy using the methods of Modern Sword Fighting." A number of articles have been published in scientific journals on these topics.

8. In 2017, a Cooperation Agreement was concluded between the FSMBR and the Dueling Fencing Federation in order to popularize non-Olympic types of fencing, a new competitive discipline “Dueling Saber MSF” was developed and introduced.

9. In 2018, the Federation of MSF of Russia became part of the Russian Union of Martial Arts (RUMA), which is recognition of its activities as a powerful pro-state structure engaged in the development and popularization of mass and promising types of martial arts.

10. During the work of FMSFR and IFMSF, more than 700+ tournaments and 100 seminars were held. In Russia there are more than 180+ MSF sections in more than 55 regions of the Russian Federation. In the world, MSF are supported and developed by.


MSF clubs and sections in 31 countries. On March 8-10, 2019, the First WORLD MSF Championship was held in Minsk (Belarus) with the 550+ participation of representatives from 21 countries, which confirms the high interest of the general public in Modern Sword Fighting as a phenomenon.


The Council of IFMSF and FMSFR considers it necessary to outline its position for all potential members and partners:

The International Federation of MSF (IFMSF) is a public physical culture and sports international organization OUT OF POLITICS, without any discrimination on any basis: gender, skin color, citizenship, party affiliation, membership in ANY other public organizations (except for organizations prohibited on the territory of the Russian Federation).

WE ARE FOR: fair sport, cultural exchange, international cooperation, constructive negotiations based on democracy and freedom of opinion, constant improvement of the rules and quality of judging, the introduction of new nominations, the introduction of new technologies, the development of simulation fencing throughout the world and in any country.

Our organization NEVER limits anyone, does not prohibit anyone from participating in our events on a common basis for all. Does not prevent anyone from joining.

WE ARE FOR open, honest cooperation with any organizations and federations with similar goals on a transparent basis, taking into account all opinions, for the benefit of popularizing all types of non-Olympic fencing and educating children and youth in the spirit of fair sports fighting and a healthy lifestyle with a love of studying history.

IFMSF events have uniform and transparent Rules and a judging system. The equipment is standardized specifically to create uniform, identical conditions for all participants equally. Regular seminars for instructors and judges are held to improve their skills and the continuous development of each member of the Federation and the entire organization as a whole.
Any standardization and bringing to unity are designed to provide EQUAL conditions and opportunities for unlocking the potential of athletes and members of the MSF Federation in all types of MSF activities.


FMSFR and IFMSF ARE OPEN TO ANY USEFUL, MUTUALLY BENEFICIAL COOPERATION on official, legally transparent grounds for the benefit of athletes of the entire MSF MOVEMENT.

By joining the ranks of the Russian MSF Federation or the International MSF Federation (IFMSF), you find yourself in a positive, purposeful community of like-minded people promoting a healthy lifestyle and personal growth based on sports self-development.
Everyone, young and old, can find use here for their strengths and talents, achieve high sports results, make friends, master a profession or create their own business with socially important content.


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